Online hypnotherapy: a convenient, modern approach to personal transformation.

Online hypnotherapy: a convenient, modern approach to personal transformation.

Impactful change, designed around your lifestyle

In today’s digital age, hypnotherapy has taken a progressive leap forward, merging the boundaries of online therapy and traditional hypnotic techniques, offering an innovative way to address various concerns from the comfort of one’s space.

Online therapy, designed around your lifestyle

We’re here whether you seek online mental health counseling or a space to express yourself. Faster Therapy connects you for personalised online services tailored to your needs. Experience the convenience of therapy online, and let’s navigate the path to better mental health together.

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What our clients say

At Faster Therapy, we take pride in the positive impact we’ve made in our clients’ lives. Take a look below and hear directly from those who’ve embarked on a journey of change with us.

jeff tozer
jeff tozer
Amazing session with Adam.Cant believe how it helped me with trauma. I highly recommend
Benjamin Sullivan
Benjamin Sullivan
Would highly recommend Adam and Faster Therapy. I have been suffering from anxiety and emotional trauma for the last several years. Adam is caring, compassionate and genuinely interested in your well-being. He’s explained how your mind works and the processes involved. Over 45 minutes, I was able to let go of the anxiety, pain, negative emotions I had carried around for years. I felt such a release and now feel energised with a positive outlook on my life. The session has helped me and would recommend anyone who has spent years in counselling to give this a try.
Panicos Lazarou
Panicos Lazarou
I'm very grateful for your prompt and effective therapy, Adam. You have been very attentive and caring throughout the process. thank you..
ashley kavanagh
ashley kavanagh
Adam was really professional and calming. I have been struggling with my own demons for a while especially with my anxiety and prior traumas and Adam is teaching me to let go. As I realised I was pushing all my emotions down and not facing them. After one session I was able to go for a meal with friends. I haven’t been able to do that in months. If you are thinking about having sessions I would definitely do it. Working on yourself before anything else. Adam is really down to earth and is easy to connect with. I felt comfortable from start to finish. Thank you
Phil Tyler
Phil Tyler
Amazing service with great aftercare. Their hypnosis was a game changer and helped in many different areas of life not just smoking. 100% recommend
Jessica Morris
Jessica Morris
I’ve was struggling with anxiety and panic attacks working with Adam and Mark has changed my life forever! Highly recommend!
Gruffydd Smith
Gruffydd Smith
I was quite skeptical before my session with Adam, but after the session for my past anxiety i feel like a weights lifted off my shoulders.
Mr Sweed15JP
Mr Sweed15JP
I had a fear of cheese for 20 years , 20 minutes with Adam and I ate cheese for the first time in my life!! Brilliant 👍🏼
lucy griffiths
lucy griffiths
Adam was very knowledgable and made me feel comfortable from the start. The hypnotherapy was thorough and worked so well. My anxiety has dramatically improved and this has helped me so much in life!
Emma Corten
Emma Corten
I couldn’t recommend Adam enough. He’s attentive, talented and truly cares about your well-being. I would recommend him and hypnotherapy in general , as for me I definitely think it’s helped.

How online hypnotherapy works

Choosing the right hypnotherapist

As with any therapeutic intervention, selecting the right professional is vital. Faster Therapy offers access to various hypnotherapists who have different specialities. It’s always good to get in touch to hold a preliminary discussion to see if we’re a good fit and to read our success stories on our reviews page.

Setting up the virtual space

A reliable internet connection is paramount. With platforms like Zoom, hypnotherapy becomes a seamless experience, allowing the therapist and client to connect without interruption. Choosing a quiet, distraction-free zone, preferably with soft lighting to promote relaxation, is always a good idea.

Initial online consultations

Before delving deep into hypnosis, we’ll start with a detailed online consultation. This allows our therapists to gather more information about you, understand your needs, and set clear therapy goals, ensuring the sessions are tailored and effective.

Pre-hypnosis discussions

Before the trance begins, there’s a discussion phase, easing you into the session by explaining the process, setting expectations and goals, as well as ensuring you mentally and emotionally prepared for the hypnotherapy journey.

The hypnosis stage

This is the heart of the session. You’ll guided into a trance-like state, a deep relaxation phase where subconscious communication occurs. During this time, lasting change happens as you become more accepting of new ideas without conscious preconceptions taking over.

Post-session guidance

After emerging from the trance, the journey isn’t over. Therapists often provide self-help tools, homework, or practices to reinforce the session. They will also discuss the number and frequency of future sessions to ensure sustained progress.

Is traditional hypnotherapy as effective as online therapy?

Benefits of online hypnotherapy

Flexibility and convenience

Online sessions grant users the privilege to experience therapeutic interventions from their own home. This convenient alternative brings the power of online hypnosis to anyone, anywhere.

Accessibility to specialists

For those with mobility issues, the challenge of attending a face-to-face session can be daunting. Online hypnotherapy, facilitated via a video call, bridges this gap, making therapy accessible to all.

Privacy and anonymity

Some individuals may feel a stigma associated with attending therapy or may feel uncomfortable running into someone they know at a therapist’s office. Online hypnotherapy offers a level of privacy and anonymity that can alleviate these concerns. Engaging in therapy from the comfort of home can reduce anxiety for some clients, making them more likely to seek and continue treatment.

Staying on track

With family commitments and a bustling life, sessions can be hard to commit to. Online hypnotherapy sessions present a solution, allowing flexibility without compromising on quality.

Comfort and familiarity

The comfort of one’s own home and the serenity of familiar surroundings amplify the therapeutic experience. An ambience resembling a therapy room can be recreated at home, offering an unparalleled sense of ease.

Choosing the right form of hypnotherapy for your needs

In today’s digital era, hypnotherapy has adapted to offer both traditional face-to-face sessions and online alternatives. Each method has its own unique advantages, and choosing between them largely depends on personal preferences, comfort, and circumstances. It’s common to encounter some skepticism about the efficacy of online hypnotherapy. Let’s clear up some misconceptions:

It’s not as immersive online

Many clients find the immersive experience of online therapy comparable to face-to-face sessions. Engaging in hypnosis online, from the comfort of one’s own home, can even amplify the sensation of immersion, due to familiar surroundings.

Technology can be a barrier

With a reliable internet connection, there’s little difference in the hypnotherapy session’s quality. Platforms like Zoom have ensured a seamless connection between client and therapist

What if I need a quick chat?

Online therapy allows for more flexible scheduling. Whether it’s a quick chat, an initial consultation, or a full session, your therapist can be more accessible than in traditional settings.

Get help and get happy with Faster Therapy

We guide individuals, couples, and families toward better living through small, lasting changes. Through online therapy, we make big impacts with subtle shifts. Your journey to transformation starts with one small step.

Frequently asked questions

Further delving into online hypnotherapy and how the process can bring about the changes you desire.

Online hypnosis work, including zoom hypnotherapy, follows the same structured approach as traditional methods. Whether you’re engaging in sessions via Zoom or any other platform, you’ll be guided into a trance-like state similar to in-person hypnotherapy.
Absolutely! Many clients have reported significant improvements in their anxiety levels, with some achieving their weight loss goals or successfully managing to quit smoking. However, individual results can vary, and it’s crucial to consult with an online hypnotherapist to assess suitability.

Online therapy can be an excellent resource for managing various mental health concerns. However, the nature and severity of the issue play a pivotal role. It’s always recommended to consult a therapist and your GP to understand the best therapeutic approach.

Yes, sessions conducted via Zoom or other platforms maintain the same level of confidentiality as face-to-face sessions. It’s an important factor that therapists prioritize, ensuring clients feel comfortable talking in a secure environment.

While every individual’s experience is unique, many clients have expressed feeling relaxed and comfortable during online therapy, with some even preferring them over in-person sessions. The comfort of familiar surroundings and the lack of commute can enhance the therapeutic experience.
A device with a camera and microphone, along with a stable internet connection, is sufficient. This ensures a smooth video call experience, whether you’re in a dedicated therapy room or your living room.

Incorporating self-care routines and practices recommended by the therapist can play a vital role in maintaining the positive changes achieved during sessions. Regular check-ins and occasional refresher sessions can also be beneficial.

Certainly, combining online hypnotherapy sessions with occasional face-to-face therapy is possible. However, at Faster Therapy, we select the most suitable professionals in our team, and that can mean they live throughout the UK, so face-to-face therapy might not be possible.
Indeed, many individuals with social anxiety have found online hypnotherapy beneficial. Being in their own space can sometimes make it easier to open up and discuss their concerns.
Absolutely. Many clients have found that online hypnotherapy works just as effectively, if not more, than traditional hypnotherapy work.
With a qualified therapist, online hypnosis remains completely safe. Like any therapeutic modality, the client’s comfort and safety are paramount.
Your first session often involves an initial consultation or free consultation. This initial chat helps set the stage for the therapy to follow.

While hypnotherapy online offers numerous advantages, it’s essential to recognise that it might not be for everyone. For instance, those who need a stable internet connection or the required equipment might find it challenging.

However, it’s worth noting that for many, especially those with mobility issues, family commitments, or living in remote areas, online hypnotherapy presents a lifeline. It makes therapy and the benefits of hypnosis accessible when other methods might not be feasible.

When setting up for an online hypnotherapy session, it’s crucial to ensure you feel comfortable talking. Choose a quiet room, perhaps with dim lighting, to foster a sense of calm. Familiar surroundings can greatly enhance the therapeutic process, making it easier for clients to open up about their concerns.

Some might yearn for the physical presence of a therapist, which they find in face-to-face therapy. But the world evolves, so does the domain of therapy. E-therapy, particularly online hypnotherapy, offers an new approach to traditional therapy, ensuring that individuals can break free from their concerns, all while being enveloped in the solace of their personal space.