Empower your journey to mental wellness with Faster Therapy.

Empower your journey to mental wellness with Faster Therapy.

Take action today;
for a better tomorrow

Whether you’re navigating life’s everyday stresses or confronting deeper-rooted challenges, we’re right alongside you on the journey. With Faster Therapy, you’re not just getting an online therapist; you’re gaining a dedicated ally in your pursuit of mental and emotional well-being.

Join us, and let’s co-create a story of resilience, hope, and lasting change.


Discover self-care techniques that will help you feel more balanced, reduce stress, and improve your overall well-being.


Faster Therapy

Find out more about how we can support your well-being by booking a free consultation with one of experienced therapists.


Online therapy, designed around your lifestyle

We’re here whether you seek online mental health counseling or a space to express yourself. Faster Therapy connects you for personalised online services tailored to your needs. Experience the convenience of therapy online, and let’s navigate the path to better mental health together.

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Faster Therapy tailors to your individual needs, delivered in your own home.

Flexibility and convenience

Online therapy provides clients with the flexibility to schedule sessions at times that fit their schedules, without the need to commute. This can be especially beneficial for those who have demanding jobs, caregiving responsibilities, or other commitments that make getting to a traditional therapy office challenging.

Accessibility to specialists

Online therapy opens up the possibility to connect with therapists who may specialize in particular areas or issues, regardless of geographic location. This can be particularly valuable if you have a specialized need that local providers are not equipped to address. It also offers an opportunity for those in underserved or rural areas to access mental health services that might otherwise be unavailable.

Privacy and anonymity

Some individuals may feel a stigma associated with attending therapy or may feel uncomfortable running into someone they know at a therapist’s office. Online therapy offers a level of privacy and anonymity that can alleviate these concerns. Engaging in therapy from the comfort of home can reduce anxiety for some clients, making them more likely to seek and continue treatment.

Voices of transformation: Faster Therapy journeys

Discover real-life stories of profound change through online therapy with Faster Therapy.

Dylan Harding
Dylan Harding
Wish I could put more than 5 stars, Adam has made me feel like a new person, would highly recommend!
Sophia Seager
Sophia Seager
Adam has helped me so much, very professional would highly recommend!
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor
Would recommend 👍🏻 Went through over a decade of past traumas which were left buried in me and causing me sleepless nights! After completing the course I can honestly say that my sleep is now much better getting full night rests and I no longer get myself hung up on previous incidents and traumas like I used to. Was hesitant at the beginning but I had nothing to lose and so when you apply what you are being asked to do fully the results will astonish you.
Georgina Hambly
Georgina Hambly
Would highly recommend- thank you!
Simon Evs
Simon Evs
An absolute must!
Ang Evans
Ang Evans
Havening techniques are Amazing with mark and Adam!!!!
Pamela Lintern
Pamela Lintern
I have worked with Mark for over a year now , I find the haveni g techniques very good ,
Amy De-Alwis
Amy De-Alwis
I’ve been working with Mark & Adam for a number of weeks. I was a little skeptical however the way my life has improved since I began has been amazing. I have a much more positive outlook on everything. AlI wish I had done is start it sooner. Would highly recommend.
Mark Elliott
Mark Elliott
Here is a review I received recently from Susan Elizabeth. Mark was efficient in helping me with some difficulties around my fears & anxieties. Thank you Mark

Support where you need it

Life’s journey presents varied challenges, from interpersonal conflicts to personal growth. Our comprehensive online therapy services provide a beacon of support across a spectrum of issues, ensuring you’re not alone as you face life’s twists and turns.

Stress & Coping

Find balance, embrace resilience.

Burnout recovery
Life transitions
Relaxation techniques
Stress management
Crisis response
Adaptation skills

Trauma & Grief

Healing wounds, finding peace.

Post-traumatic growth
Grief counselling
PTSD therapies
Childhood traumas
Survivor support
Loss and acceptance


Reclaim life, breaking the chain.

Alcoholism therapy
Drug addiction therapy
Habit control
Recovery support
Relapse prevention
Healthy coping mechanisms


Navigate work, realise ambitions.

Professional goal-setting
Work stress relief
Career transitions
Performance anxiety
Assertiveness training
Work-life balance

Mood Disorders

Illuminate shadows, uplift spirits.

Depression therapies
Bipolar disorder support
Mood regulation
Emotional balance
Resilience building
Supportive counselling

Anxiety & Phobias

Conquer fears, embrace calm.

Generalised anxiety therapy
Panic attack interventions
Specific phobia therapies
Social anxiety solutions
Relaxation strategies
Exposure therapy


Modifying actions, enriching life.

Self-destructive behaviors
Impulse control
Habit forming
Behavior analysis
Positive reinforcement
Skill-building techniques

Health & Wellness

Holistic approach, wholesome healing.

Sleep therapy
Nutritional counseling
Mindfulness practices
Body-mind connection
Chronic illness support
Stress-related illness

Sexual Identity

Celebrate self, navigate identity.

Sexuality counseling
Gender identity exploration
LGBTQ+ support
Relationship dynamics
Coming out support

Life Stages

Embrace change, journey forward.

Adolescent challenges
Midlife introspection
Retirement transitions
Identity shifts
Life milestones
New beginnings


Building bonds, nurturing connections.

Couples therapy
Family dynamics
Parenting challenges
Interpersonal conflicts
Communication skills
Trust and intimacy issues


Unearth potential, shine bright

Self-worth boost
Confidence building
Overcoming insecurities
Positive self-image
Empowerment techniques